11 amazing advantages and health benefits of Green tea

Do you want to know about the health benefits of Green tea?

If yes then you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to share with you some amazing health benefits of green tea Which you are looking for.

So let’s begin.

11 amazing health benefits of green tea

1. Green tea can Improve brain function

Yes, green tea can help you in improving your brain function and can make it smarter.

It doesn’t contain caffeine as much as coffee but it has enough caffeine to improve your brain function. It also contains amino acid L-theanine which is also helps in improving the brain function.

2. Green tea can lower some cancers by its antioxidants

Green tea contains antioxidants. So it can prevents some types of cancer.

Oxidative damage helps in the development of cancer and antioxidants can protect it.

The risk of Breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer are low in those people who drinks Green tea.

3. Green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Green tea can reduce the risk of Heart disease and stroke.

It lowers the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and also lowers the oxidation of LDL particles.

So the risk of cardiovascular disease in green tea drinkers is lower.

4. Green tea helps in lose weight

Green tea can lose weight by boosting the metabolic rate.

Also several studies shows that green tea helps in reducing the body weight and fat.

5. Green tea can lower the risk of diabetes.

Lower production of insulin and higher blood sugar level can cause diabetes.

From studies it is proved that green tea can improve the production of insulin and reduce the blood sugar levels.

6. Green tea helps in improving our health.

Green tea contains large amount of important nutrients. It has 30 polyphenols.

Also it contains catechin called EGCG which helps in prevent cell damage.

It also contains some essential minerals. Green tea has various benificial effects.

7. Green tea can regulates blood pressure

Yes it can also helps in improving blood pressure levels.

It lowers the blood pressure by regulating it. It controls the blood pressure causing agent ACE(Angiotensin-converting enzyme).

8. Green tea can helps you in live longer

Green tea helps you in living longer by various effects.

As you studied above it has various beneficial effects on body like protect cancer, protects type 2 diabetes and many more.

It also helps us in weight and fat loss.

So there is no doubt that green tea can help us in live longer.

9. Green tea can improve our immunity system.

Green tea protects us against radicals and oxidants.

It contains catechins which play a major in boosting immune system.

10. It can improves your dental health

According to some studies, catechins in green tea green tea can kill bacteria.

So it can kill the bacteria which does damage to our teeth.

11. It can give you a healthy skin

The antioxidants in green tea can help you in getting a smooth and glowing skin.

Regular consumption of green tea can also protect your skin from sun.


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So the above points are the advantages of drinking green tea.

Drink green tea every day to stay healthy and fit.


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