8 simple and easy tips for air pollution control

Air pollution is increasing rapidly in the universe. Many new diseases are developing due to air pollution. Today in this article I’m going to share some simple tips for air pollution control which you can include in your daily life.

Wait, First of all let’s discuss about,

What is Air pollution?

Air pollution is the presence of some toxic materials or compounds in the air which can cause a health risk.

In other words, Air pollution the presence of toxic chemicals which are lowers the quality of the air to cause several health problems.

Air pollution is also responsible for global warming and ozone layer damaging.

Today it is a big problem for the world. The air is mostly polluted by human activities.

Air pollution has many dangerous health effects.

It can causes health problems like irritation of the respiratory tract, coughing, asthma and chronic lung diseases.

Air pollution also can causes some types of skin problems.

Causes of Air pollution?

There are several causes of air pollution.

But the causes are mainly divided in to two parts,

Anthropogenic causes : This type of causes are mainly occurs due to human activities. These includes causes such as,

  •  Foundry activities
  • Transportation
  • industrial processes
  • Waste Incineration
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Mining and smelting
  • Agriculture
  • Landfill disposal practices
  • Smoking
  • Storage and use of household products

Natural causes : This type of causes are occurred naturally due to various natural process. These includes causes such as,

  • Winds and air currents
  • Radioactive decay processes
  • Volcanic activities
  • Microbial decaying processes
  • Wildfires
  • Increasing temperatures

8 simple tips for air pollution control

As we see above that air pollution is a major issue today. So we need to take the following steps to reduce air pollution from our surroundings.

1. Industries are should be establish at a safe distance from the residential area.

2. Industries should be keep an eye on arrangement of pollution control.

3. We should be use advanced developed devices for air pollution control.

4. Smoke free furnaces which are newly designed should be used for control of smoke.

5. Forest cover is a essential thing for the maintenance of quality of the air as it releases oxygen (O2)  and absorbs carbon-dioxide (CO2). So we need to protect the forest cover,

6. Old automobiles should be replaced by new ones because their emissions are low and has a minimal effect on air pollution.

7. We need to avoid vehicle for short distances.

8. The burning of coal produces poisonous gases which are releases from the railway steam engine are causes air pollution. In the place of steam or diesel engines, trains should be use electric engines.

After all government organizations, non‑government organizations and the general public  should have to take steps for air pollution control.

Their joint efforts should control and reduce air pollution.

So these are some simple steps which we can take into action to reduce air pollution.

Which of the aforementioned steps are you going to take into action? Are you going to replace your old vehicles into new ones or going to avoid vehicle for short distances or going to take any other steps.

Let me know by dropping a comment below.

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