4 Awesome Android Phone Tricks And Hacks You Didn’t Know (2018)

Do you own an android phone? If yes, Do you know there are many awesome android phone tricks and hacks that you might didn’t aware about.

Today in this article I’m going to share some awesome android phone tricks and hacks that will shock you.

4 awesome android phone tricks and hacks that you didn’t know about

1. Recycle bin for android phone

Did you deleted important files from your android phone?

Oh no, this is a very horrible thing thing. Right?

Because an android phone doesn’t have any recycle bin like computes has. So it is quite horrible.

Then you have only one option and that is to recover your deleted files through a data recovery software.

But every time you can’t really depend on these type of softwares because sometimes they couldn’t restore the whole  deleted data.

So in this situation Dumpster could help you to restore your accidentally deleted data.

Dumpster works as an recycle bin for your android phone.

So install dumpster on your android smart-phone to restore your deleted data in future.

2. Take long scrolling screenshots on android phone

Do you ever tried to take a screenshot of a long scrolling page at once and failed?

I bet that you tried and failed.

So I’m going to share with you an amazing application which will help you in taking long scrolling screenshots.

The name of the application is Longshot for long screenshot.


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3. Send encrypted messages in android phone

It is very important to encrypt your personal emails that you send so that your informations will stay safe.

So I’m going to share with you a method that could help you in sending encrypted emails.


Install and open the application called Encrypt text with CryptMax.


Then type the text you want to send in the CryptMax application and set a password.


Then send the text to whom you want to send via any messaging or email apps.

(the recipient also need to have the CryptMax application to read this message)


The recipient need to copy the text and paste it onto the CryptMax application to read the message.

4. Combine your Wi-Fi and cellular connections with Jumpnet

Do you want to combine your Wi-Fi and cellular data connection to get faster internet experience?

So today I’m going to share an application named Jumpnet which combine your Wi-Fi and cellular data to give you a faster browsing experience.

It combines both Wi-Fi and cellular data and give you that network connection which is faster between them at that particular time.

So you can browse internet, stream videos and download files faster than before.

It also helpful in reducing video call drops due to bad data connections.


So these are some interesting and awesome android phone tricks and hacks which can help you in getting the most out of your android phone.

I hope that the tricks and hacks will help you.

I will also working on this article to add more android phone tricks and hacks which will help you.

If you have some awesome tricks then feel free to comment them below and I will add them into this article.


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