10 free ways to save electricity worth 5000 per year

Does your electricity bill comes higher at the end of the month? Then you are in the right place. Today I’m going to share tips on free ways to save electricity.

The easiest way to save electricity is to smartly use your electricity. So lets smart.

10 free ways to save electricity

1. Use the natural lights of Sun in day time

Yes, you can save electricity by turning off the bulbs of your home in day time and using the natural light of sun. In day time open your windows for allowing the natural lights to come inside your home.

2. Turn off the extra lights of your home

If you have unnecessary lights in your home then you must switch off these lights for saving your electricity.

If you decided to go out then turn off the switches of your lights.

3. Switch to LED bulbs

The 100 watt incandescent bulbs are cost you much more than the low watt LED bulbs. So it is better to switch to LED bulbs which will save your money. You can also choose CFL bulbs as an alternative of incandescent bulbs.

4. Replace your old electronic appliances with new

The old electronics are not manufactured to save more electricity at that time. So they are consuming high electric energy.

Replace your old electronic appliances to the new star rating appliances for saving more energy.

5. Unplug electronics those are not in use

Unplug your electronics gadgets when you don’t need them. This can help you in saving the cost of your electricity bill.

Shut down your computer at night or when you don’t need to use it for a long time.

Turn off your TV as well when you are not watching otherwise it will cost you more money for electricity.

Also unplug electronics appliances like mobile charger and other small things.

6. Less use of your refrigerator and AC

When you away from home or when you don’t need the air conditioner it’s better to turn it off and also practice to use less air conditioner. This will help you in saving more money in summer. Also don’t forget to off your fans when you are not need them or when you are outside.

Less use of your refrigerator and keeping it with it’s ideal temperature will help you saving much more money on electricity.

7. Don’t heavily depend on electronic appliances

Less use of electronic appliances and doing it naturally can save more electric energy as well as your money.

Try reducing the number of loads of washing machine.

Let your clothes dry by air instead of using your dryer.

Try to wash your dishes by hand.



So these are some ways to save electricity worth 5000 per year. Try these steps and see how it reduces the cost of your electricity.

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