17 effective ways to stay healthy and fit

17 ways to stay healthy :- Its important to stay healthy and take care of our health. But with our busy lifestyle we have very less time to take care of ourselves. So we have very less time to take care of ourselves because of our busy life. So we need some simple ways to take care of ourselves.

A healthy diet, stress-free life, sleep, yoga and exercises are the key factors of a healthy life. Now days due to busy lifestyle peoples are take less sleep and are take fast foods due to less time. So, In this article I’m going to share some simple ways to stay fit which you could add to your lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.

17 ways to stay healthy

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is good for your health and it is the most important factor in keeping you healthy. Water not only help you in stay healthy but also can help you in getting healthy skin. So drink a lot of water to stay fit.

Staying hydrated also helps us in increasing energy levels and brain function. SO, drink at least 8 glasses or about 2-3 liters of water everyday to stay healthy.

2. Brush your teeth twice in a day

Yes, brushing your teeth twice in a day can help you in staying healthy and makes your teeth strong. It also helps in preventing stomach problem caused due to the germs in our teeth by cleaning away the dirt of our teeth.

3. Eat healthy diet

Due to busy lifestyle, peoples are eating fast foods because there are no time to eat a healthy diet. But this practice could become very dangerous for our health. Eating fast food regularly can cause many disease such as heart stroke, gas in stomach weight gain etc. So eating a healthy diet is very important for living a healthy life.

Eat a balance diet which includes carbohydrates, proteins etc. Give your body some does of vitamin-D. Morning sunlight is the vast source of Vitamin-D. Et more fiber because it keeps your digestive system healthy.

Plans your meals according to your time. Eat a perfect amount of meal to avoid weight gain. Eat less sugar as it can causes high cholesterol and can increase the chance of heart attack.

Include verity of fresh fruits to your diet plan. Eat fresh and green vegetables as green vegetables are rich in anti-oxidant and vital vitamins.

Eat fish because fishes are rich with vital nutrients like protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important nutrient for our health. Those peoples who are vegetarians eat nuts as they are also rich in protein and vital fatty acids.

Always try to avoid fast foods and eat a balance diet which helps you in living a healthy life.

Other Important things to stay healthy and fit

4. Wash your hand before eating something

Always wash your hand because throughout the day we are touching many things which could have bacterias. So washing hands before going to eat helps in preventing bacterial infection.

5. Go out and get some sun

As I mention above in step-3 that sunlight is a vast source of Vitamin-D. So going out in the morning and getting some fresh sunlight is very helpful for our healthy life.

6. Sleep at least 8 hours

Take at least 8 hours of sleep in night. Getting a good sleep in night can make our memory strong and sharpen our attention. It also helps in living a stress free life. According to health experts getting a good sleep can help us live longer.

7. Drink green tea

Green tree is rich in anti oxidants and other beneficial nutrients. So take green tre everyday to stay healthy.

Green tea is an amazing drink which has several health benefits.

It can protect you from several disease like cancer, type 2 diabetes etc.

So drink green tea everyday for staying a healthy life

8. Avoid sugary fizzy drinks

Avoid sugary fizzy drinks as they are bad for our teeth. It also can make us fat and increases the chance of diabetes.

9. Stay a stress free life and be happy

Stress can destroy our health as well as our life. For living a healthy life its important for us to stay happy But its easier to said.

But it is very important for us to stay stress free. Being in a good mood is an important and key factor in the ways to stay healthy. Do some yoga to stay stress free.

10. Get a blood test annually

Do an annual blood test to take an eye on your health and on the developing disease.

11. Laugh loudly

Yes laughing loudly can help you in decreasing stress hormone and produces more endorphins which helps us in feeling good.

12. Read books

Reading books helps in stimulating brains.

13. Listen to music

Listening music helps in decreasing mental stress and also helps in improving visual and verbal skills.

14. Don’t smoke

If you want to live a healthy life then avoid smoking. It is seriously bad for your health.

15. Take less alcohol

Don’t take too much alcohol as it bad for your health.

16. Consume less salt

Consumption of too much salt can cause high blood pressure and heat disease.

17. Do yoga

Do yoga everyday because it helps us for staying fit and also it can reduce stress.


So these are some tips on how to stay healthy. If There are any steps I missed in this article then let me know by comment below.

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